The Cup 2 boasts a high lumen output to present your space in the best light
Excellent glare control and available in all major lighting control types
45D tilt & 355 Degree rotation allow for increased aiming flexibility
Get creative with any number of on-trend trim and reflector colour options
Photometric data shown is for module and Individual lenses only
Customisations available on request

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Introducing the Cup 2 SM Adjustable, a versatile and contemporary surface-mounted lighting fixture designed to bring style and precision illumination to modern spaces. With its sleek design and a wide range of customizable features, this lighting solution is tailored to enhance your environment while delivering exceptional lighting performance.

Beam Angle: The Cup 2 SM Adjustable offers two beam angle options – 24° and 36°, providing you with versatility in choosing the ideal illumination pattern for your specific needs. Whether you need focused or wider-angle lighting, this fixture accommodates both.

Trim Colour: Available in black, white, and satin brass trim colors, the Cup 2 SM Adjustable seamlessly integrates into your decor. Choose the finish that complements your style and adds a touch of sophistication to your space.

Installation Method: Designed for surface-mounted installation, this fixture is perfect for areas where ceiling recessing is not possible. It offers flexibility in positioning, making it suitable for a wide range of environments.

IP Rating: With an IP20 rating, the Cup 2 SM Adjustable is designed for indoor use, providing protection against solid objects. It’s an excellent choice for modern interior settings where a surface-mounted solution is preferred.

Life Time: Say goodbye to frequent replacements. The Cup 2 SM Adjustable boasts an impressive lifetime of 50,000 hours, ensuring years of reliable and efficient operation.

Dimming Type: Create the perfect ambiance for any occasion with a range of dimming options, including non-dimmable, phase-cut dimmable, DALI, and Dim to Warm. Adjust the light intensity to suit your preferences, from bright and vibrant to soft and cozy.

Cutout Size: The fixture’s dimensions are 390x64x85mm, making it an ideal surface-mounted solution. It doesn’t require a cutout, simplifying the installation process.

Rotate Angle: With a 355° rotate angle, you have complete control over the direction of the light, allowing you to highlight specific areas with ease.

Tilt Angle: The Cup 2 SM Adjustable offers a 45° tilt angle, providing further flexibility in directing the light precisely where you want it.

MacAdam Steps: The fixture features MacAdam steps of 3, ensuring consistent and accurate color quality in your lighting.

Voltage: Operating at 240V, this fixture is energy-efficient and compatible with most electrical systems.

Output (W) and System Efficacy: The Cup 2 SM Adjustable delivers 16W of power with a remarkable system efficacy of 83lm/W, providing you with 1200lm of bright and energy-efficient illumination.

Color Temperature: Choose from three different color temperatures (2700K, 3000K, and 4000K) to create the perfect mood and ambiance for your space, from warm and inviting to cool and energetic.

CRI (Color Rendering Index): The Cup 2 SM Adjustable boasts a high CRI of 90, ensuring that colors appear true to life. It’s suitable for applications where color accuracy is essential.

UGR (Unified Glare Rating): With a UGR of less than 19, this fixture minimizes glare, making it comfortable for extended use in offices, homes, and commercial spaces.

The Cup 2 SM Adjustable is the perfect fusion of form and function, offering precise lighting, energy efficiency, and adaptability for modern environments. Enhance your space with this versatile surface-mounted lighting solution and enjoy the benefits of long-lasting, high-quality illumination. Illuminate your world with the Cup 2 SM Adjustable today!

Additional information

Technical Characterstics
Beam Angle

24°, 36°

Trim Colour


Installation Method

Surface Mounted

IP Rating


Life Time


Dimming Type

DALI Dimmable, Dim to Warm, Non-Dimmable, Phase-Cut Dimmable





Rotate Angle


Tilt Angle


MacAdam Steps




Output (W)


System Efficacy


System Lumen


Color Temperature