Elevate your architectural lighting with the Fuse Trimless Adjustable Downlight. Designed to seamlessly blend into your ceiling, this adjustable and IP65-rated downlight offers a minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing construction solution for wet areas. Featuring Bridgelux LED CRI90 performance, trimless construction and advanced dimming options, creating a perfect lighting ambiance for your space.

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Introducing the Fuse Trimless Adjustable Downlight, a revolutionary solution for architectural lighting where a seamless integration with the ceiling is paramount. This trimless downlight is designed to offer a more minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing construction solution, ensuring that the lighting aesthetic seamlessly blends with the ceiling construction. Explore the features that make the Fuse Trimless a versatile and elegant choice for architectural lighting applications.

Seamless Integration: The Fuse Trimless Adjustable Downlight is crafted for architectural lighting applications where the lighting aesthetic needs to seamlessly blend with the ceiling construction. The trimless design ensures that the downlight integrates into the ceiling without any protruding trim, creating a clean and modern look for your space.

Adjustable by 20°: Enjoy flexibility in your lighting design with the adjustable feature of the Fuse Trimless Downlight. With a tilt angle of 20°, you can direct the light precisely where it’s needed, allowing you to highlight specific architectural features or create a dynamic lighting ambiance in your space.

IP65 Rating for Wet Areas: Suitable for wet areas, the Fuse Trimless Downlight carries an IP65 rating, ensuring reliable performance even in environments with exposure to water. This makes it an ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens, or any area where moisture resistance is essential.

Beam Angle Options: Tailor your lighting design with three beam angle options of 15°, 24°, and 36°, providing versatility for various architectural lighting applications. Whether you’re accentuating artwork or creating a welcoming atmosphere in a retail setting, the Fuse Trimless delivers precise and adjustable illumination.

Trim Colour Options: Choose between classic black or pristine white trim colors to complement your interior design. The trimless design, combined with color options, provides the flexibility to integrate the downlight seamlessly into various architectural styles and color schemes.

Dimming Options: Customize your lighting experience with a range of dimming options, including non-dimmable, phase-cut dimmable, DALI, and Dim to Warm. This versatility allows you to create the perfect ambiance for different activities and occasions.

Cutout Size and Dimensions: With a Ø70mm cutout size, the Fuse Trimless Downlight is suitable for a variety of ceiling openings. The compact dimensions of Ø60x55mm ensure a discreet and unobtrusive installation.

Voltage, Output, and System Efficacy: Operating at 240V, the Fuse Trimless Downlight delivers an impressive 6W of power with a system efficacy of 80lm/W, providing a high lumen output of 480lm for efficient and elegant illumination.

Color Temperature, CRI, and UGR: Choose from three different color temperatures (2700K, 3000K, and 4000K) to create the desired lighting ambiance. With a high CRI of 90 and a UGR of less than 19, the Fuse Trimless ensures accurate color representation and minimizes glare for comfortable and visually appealing lighting.

Illuminate your architectural spaces with the Fuse Trimless Adjustable Downlight, a perfect combination of seamless design, flexibility, and performance for the modern and sophisticated environment. Elevate your lighting experience today!


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Technical Characterstics
Beam Angle

15°, 24°, 36°

Trim Colour


Installation Method

Ceiling recessed

IP Rating


Life Time


Dimming Type

DALI Dimmable, Dim to Warm, Non-Dimmable, Phase-Cut Dimmable





Rotate Angle


Tilt Angle


MacAdam Steps




Output (W)


System Efficacy


System Lumen


Color Temperature